Indian Wine / Indian Beer 600 yen 〜

We recommend trying India’s premium wine. It perfectly complements spicy dishes. We carry the brands that have been widely recognized and loved in Europe and the United States.
(* Price excluding consumption tax)



■ Cocktails 500 yen and up
Cassis Soda, Cassis Lassi, Mango Lassi Vodka, KIRIN coffee chu, etc.

■ Soft Drinks 250 yen and up
Lassi, mango lassi, Chai, orange juice, tea, coffee, etc

■ Beer, wine, sour, sho-chu, whisky, sake 450 yen and up

Drink-only orders are also welcome! Feel free to drop in during our happy hour. Exotic snack dishes go well with drinks!

Happy hour:  5-7pm